This page celebrates the astounding talent that is the front covers of our fabulous guides. These artists are all Tasmanian, or resided in Tasmania for several years. 

We are indebted to their talent and continue to celebrate each and every one of them.


 Each artist has a developed practice and career. We encourage you to check out their work, follow them on socials and appreciate their work in any way that feels available.

Aedan Howlett


Acrylic on wood


We Are Hobart Summer, 2012/13

David Fooks

Mt Wellington Man | 2011

Watercolour on arches 300gsm


We Are Hobart Winter, 2013

Nathan Grey

Cat | 2012

Acrylic on canvas


We Are Hobart Summer, 2013/14

Somrak Maneemai

The Rainbow from Within | 2014

Acrylic on canvas


We Are Hobart Winter, 2014

Kate McCarthy

Penny | 2014

Acyrlic, oil, enamel and aerosol on canvas


We Are Hobart Summer, 2014/15


Apathy | 2011

Acrylic on wood panel


 We Are Hobart Winter, 2015

Emily Blom

The Sleepers Paradox

No. 3 | 2014

Acrylic and offset print on canvas

We Are Hobart Summer, 2015/16


Kingfisher | 2015

Gouache and graphite on paper


We Are Hobart Winter, 2016

Lulu King

Emerald Eve | 2016

Acrylic and oil on canvas



We Are Hobart Summer, 2016/17

Mish Meijers

Egg Man 2 | 2016  (detail)

Synthetic polymer on canvas


We Are Hobart Winter, 2017

18Tom O’Hern

Horrible Apple Head Bastard | 2017

Colour pencil


We Are Hobart Summer, 2017/19

Laura McMahon

Jungle Guardian | 2017

Watercolour, pencil and ink


We Are Hobart Winter, 2018

Vika Fafita

Doom Cat Science | 2018

Linen, acrylic, ink, spray paint


We Are Hobart Summer, 2018/19

Bec Adamczewski

Dark Omen {adorned} | 2019

Layered photographs + vector illustration


We Are Hobart Winter, 2019

Jacob Leary

Evie | 2019

Mixed media


We Are Hobart Summer, 2020/21

Dane Chisholm

Under and See | 2019

Watercolour and ink on paper

@dane_ _chisholm_art

We Are Hobart, 2021


Spotted Pardelote at Preachers | 2020

Spray paint on wall


We Are Hobart, 2022

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Spotted Pardelote at Preachers

Jamin  2020
Spray paint on wall

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