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We welcome recommendations for businesses to assess and invite into our next guide publication. Let us know why you love what they’re doing, what sets them apart, and how best to find them online or on the streets!!


We Are Hobart is free for customers, guests, patrons, delegates…everyone!

Do you run an air b’n’b, guest house, hostel, hotel, b’n’b?  Your guests are sure to find the guides useful for navigation, handy for planning, and a great way to find some hidden gems around Hobart.

Perhaps a conference or event coming up? We Are Hobart is a useful addition to welcome packs for  delegates, attendees,  patrons and artists, so they might navigate Hobart in their spare time.

Planning a get-away with group of friends? If you’re the type who loves planning why not download a copy of the guide and email it around?

Counter Display Boxes are also available – just ask!

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Under and See

Dane Chisholm  2019
Watercolour and ink on paper
@dane_ _chisholm_art

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